KMU Held the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival Tea Party for Teachers and Students
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On September 15evening, Kunming Medical University held the 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party for the teachers and students at Dayi Love Teahouse. More than 100 people, which included Zhou Jia, who is the deputy chairman of Party committee, directors and members of relevantdepartments, teachers on duty, and students’ representativesattended the Tea Party. 

Zhou Jiaaddressed aspeechanddeliveredthe Mid-Autumn blessingto theteachersandstudents.He also encouraged students’ organizations ofuniversityactively participate in variousschool’scultural activities, and construct the harmonious cultural atmosphere on campus.

TheTeaParty beganwith a rendition of thetraditional song"wish welastforever".Students fromstudents’union, university art group, clubs, and associationsbrilliantly performed on the stage. Audienceswhich were consisted of teachers and studentschatting under arelaxing and cheerfulatmosphere while enjoying the show. During the party,teachers and studentsparticipated the game session as welland broughtthis party to a climax.   

The teacher-student networking TeaPartywas sponsored by theCommunist Youth LeagueCommitteeand undertaken bystudents’union ofKunming Medical University.Theteachers and students’representatives, who werestaying on campus,came together with happiness andharmony. The party made theteachers and students,who celebrated Mid-Autumn festival out of their hometowns,felt like home and experiencedthe joy of thefestival.This activity also reflectedapassionate and positive campus environmentof Kunming Medical University. 

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